Very good interview

How pleasing it is to have people in charge who are fit for purpose and not despicable thieves.
Is that Rami Malek?

Have you taken this club to your heart? And would you like to stay on under new owners?

“Totally. If I’m not here in a managerial position next season I’ll be here as a fan. My son came here for the last game and insisted on wearing tangerine. It’s a great club with a great community around it with a great fanbase.

“Ben and I would not have been able to achieve what we’ve achieved if it wasn’t for the support we’ve had from an immense fanbase in Blackpool. It’s amazing.

"The situation we had with fans coming out in significant numbers to help clean the stadium and clean the seats, that was an extraordinary event. It speaks for the love people have for this club and the fans deserve for this club to do well, they truly do.

“At the moment I’m here on the staff and it’s a role I’m doing for the receivers.

"There are new owners that will come in and I imagine they will be in situ and up and running before next season - probably well before next season. But (whether I stay on) will be a decision for them.”


That's a great interview, excited to see what unfolds over the next few months.

What a weird sensation.