I’ll go with responses in this order. 





Seaside doesn't count, he interjects to keep things going. 👍👍1453781661c82aad14778e26ac5bd50a.jpeg

What’s that twat doing in town ? 
Anyone seen the video of him getting milk shake thrown at him fucking brilliant 😂😂
Yeah, it’s in another thread & generally all over SM. 
Mcpoolmob has VIP back stage tickets.
What is he actually campaigning for? Guy deserve the attention. 

Where can I get some milkshake???

Asking for a friend..... 

He got bukkakied twice in one day, in Bury and Warrington.
Where’s Bally???

Some of my mates are going down to see him.

I just can’t fathom out what they think they can achieve by supporting him?! It is like a modern day Nazi party.

Pissed me off.

Knuckledraggers Assemble.

Can't see it ending well in Blackpool. Probably just the usual handfull of Right-Wing racist twats will turn up to support him. They will easily be outnumbered by the Anti-Fascists and police.

Personally I hope the cunt dies

At least we'll have a match day thread worth following on AVFTT.