Sad cunt.
Harsh and funny.
Ha Ha. Not heard that song before
Bally wrote:Ha Ha. Not heard that song before
What song??

Tangerine Tangerine

Your mothers a crack whore

Your fathers a queen.

Good bantz lad

They first sung that at Deepdale 8.12.07. We were singing;

“Preston sing, I don’t know why

8th of December 

they’re going to die.”

and they change the words.

Blackburn sing it too.

Come a long way since.....

 "1, 2, 3 and a bit. Preston are a load of shit"

Not to mention...

"You've got AIDS"
They have sang that song for years.
Fat boy never looked any better lets be honest.

He's one of our own, he's one of our own.

Fat Rolf Harris, he's one of our own.

Fair play to him I reckon. I would struggle to turn up as Nobber at a Blackpool away match.