Representatives of BSA, BST, MSG and TKs met briefly this afternoon at his request with Henry Teh, a Singaporean investor considering a bid for Blackpool FC. Mr Teh, whose portfolio of companies is involved in running airports and seaports, in infrastructure and township developments is looking to table an ambitious bid that would include key amenities in the town and not just the football club, making it part of a decade-long regeneration project for the resort. He conceded he had no expertise in the football business but if he became owner of Blackpool FC he would look to put in place skilled professionals to run it properly and restore its prestige in its rightful place at the heart of the community. He clearly does not underestimate the size of the undertaking. We thank Mr Teh and his associate Tim Williamson for their time and candour.

All sounds a bit la la land but more bids the better.