Been axed after a guest committed suicide after being found out to have cheated on his wife by a lie detector test. Apparently his wife left him and he was left distraught.
It'll be a big miss on our tv screens that's for sure.
Unemployment levels will be at an all time low.

Well done ITV, just a shame you are 14 years too late, what a blight on the airwaves this mockery of the afflicted was, how did it last so long?

Apparently the poor chaps widow has already sold her story to a newspaper. Not much compassion there is there?

She'd already left him, you know what they're like.
What about that love island! Two off that committed suicide, but apparently viewers can’t wait for it to come back. 
tangerine77 wrote:Unemployment levels will be at an all time low.

It will get people back to work. 

Good point Jezza. Not sure how Love Island is allowed to carry on but Jeremy Kyle isn't. 

If anyone tells you they miss the Jeremy Kyle show. Tell them to spend the time going to the dentist and looking for a job