The state of this country...

Police and the Muslim youthare to blame.
Fuck off. He's a racist piece of shite. No matter what name he uses. He's just a hate spreading  vile cunt and so are his followers.
Bally wrote:Fuck off. He's a racist piece of shite. No matter what name he uses. He's just a hate spreading  vile cunt and so are his followers.
True, but you’ve watched that video too!
What "really" happened
Just don't understand why the police allowed them to get near the event. If they couldn't stop that then why not have riot Police ready. It was obvious that group did not have peaceful intentions. Exactly the same as a large football hooligan group. 

He knew what he was doing and the reaction he would get.  Those lads in balaclavas played right into his hands by throwing shit at the rally.  Now he has ready made propaganda of "violent muslims" attacking women and children with bricks and scissors.  The policing from what the video shows was atrocious aswell.

I hope he doesn't gain much support from this stunt, and I also hope the plod learn from it aswell.

Fucking joke this country.
Hero wrote:True, but you’ve watched that video too!


i think he should be in jail personally as ive been on the end of his racist abuse 

Just watched it, bad policing. Exactly the type of confrontation he was hoping for. Now he gets to call his hate rallies 'family events' and 'political campaigns' and use the angry mob to his advantage. 

Your civil war is going to be more conventional that ours, pitched battles with a thin blue line. Ours will be more deadly once the bullets start flying.

The police have had decades of experience when it comes to rallies such as this one, I can remember back in the sixties when a number of us from the squadron decided to pay a visit to Southend for the day over a Bank Holiday only to find Oswald Mosley (the well known Facist of the era) holding a rally in front of the Queen Victoria statue at the top of pier hill.

We joined in with those drowning out his bile and then followed up with chasing him and his cohorts along the high street towards the station and out of town.

The police could do little to stop the confrontation although they had numbers there.

The country had had enough of his sermons, in the thirties blaming the Jews and Irish for all our woes, then during the war supporting Hitler and Mussolini and finally in the fifties and sixties blaming  immigration from the West Indies.

We all share this planet, different religions, races  and colour, those that promote hate and violence against another group should be jailed.

I am not against free speech far from it but there are some spoken words that should be just outlawed.