Doesn't look good for Theresa May.

Any preference in who takes over?

Rory Stewart.

 He is the only one in the party to have walked from Turkey to Bangladesh.

He has been a diplomat, served in Iraq and Afghanistan in a civilian capacity and could bring the party together either as the government or in a an opposition role which it probably will be within 12 months. 

Lots of Pro-Brexit robo posts on my twitter account today. Sometimes their electronic efforts to swing elections miss the target.... Name: GynnSquarePHX, Interests: Blackpool and football....he must be a hard line Brexiter living near Gynn Square.
I think Corbyn will be the next leader of the Conservatives. He's playing a blinder for them in his role as opposition saboteur.

The best thing for the Tories would be if William Hague resigned from the Lords and rejoined them. He was hands down the best ‘leader that never was’.

It will never happen though.

May has resigned and will step down on June 7th.

Chatting about eliminating the deficit and ending austerity. Hope she goes straight back into number 10 and cuts her wrists.

The deluded failure

It was the right call but have to say that was her best speech yet. Passionate and emotional.

Victim of the Brexit chaos but right time for a new leader.
The Tory MP's who wanted here gone will now turn round as say what a great politician she was, the two faced barstewards.
I think it was clear before Brexit she wasn't a great leader but I do feel sorry for her with all the Brexit chaos. She was trying to come up with a deal that would please everyone so impossible task. I do believe she has tried her best for the country.

Has she fuck. She's done her best for herself. Talking about compromise in her speech but totally unwilling to listen to any of the other leaders, then blaming them for not making her deal possible.

She's been a fraud all along

Theresa May not.

That's my contribution to the political talk for the day.

Oh, just to add - I live in hope that this news means we can now finally have a General Erection.

Yes Magic, although she hasn't the ghosts of thousands of Iraqis or the hundreds of British servicemen killed and wounded under Blair.
If that arsehole Boris Johnson gets in, then we are all fooked
Yeah not up for Boris!

The favourite to be next PM has to appear in court for misconduct.

TheSteed wrote:

The favourite to be next PM has to appear in court for misconduct.

So Boris tells lies! Who’d have thought? 
They are all the same

"Boris Johnson has been ordered to appear in court over claims he lied by saying the UK gave the EU £350m a week."

Any fucker that believed him and voted 'out' based on his lies should be locked up with him

Heard a podcast with Rory Stewart yesterday. I’ve got to say I was really impressed. Whits has called it early for me!

Search The Political Party with Matt Forde. It’s the last episode. Well worth a listen.
I thought he was good on Question Time the other night. Definitely the favourite for me.
If I had to vote for a Tory, he would be the one.

Boris Johnson wins challenge against court summons over brexit campaign claims. 

I feel the Tory party are at a crossroads, either someone will bring them together and they will live to fight another day or   that they will fall of the cliff into the straights of Dover never to be seen again.

We were chatting about this in the pub yesterday, 75 years ago the country was united against an outside source, today we are divided, a nation split down the middle ,   as for the future we will either go back to how it was as part of Europe or we will  take a walk into the wilderness and chance our luck.

Unfortunately some still think we have an Empire,  that  we can send out a few gun boats and all will be solved, we make up the rules and others follow, yes that may have worked a century or so ago but times have changed we are a small nation and  we  no longer rule the waves, we are part of the Continent of Europe and we should play our part in making it safe and worth living in for ALL of us to benefit.

I think the football hooligans who continue to sing IRA and German Bombers song should take note of your comments.

I thought Rory Stewart might be higher on the list than that. Tories need an fresh voice; not someone like Boris Johnson.

Rarely I earn over 40k - unless have a good commission month. In any case, this would be good news. 40% is horrible - penalised for success.

Boris Johnson has pledged to cut income tax bills for people earning more than £50,000 a year if he wins the race to succeed Theresa May as prime minister.

The former foreign secretary told the Telegraph he would use money currently set aside for a no-deal Brexit to raise the 40% tax rate threshold to £80,000.

You could argue though in an non-selfish way, the next Tory leader should be focusing on people who are struggling to get by. This will get them more votes in the long run!

I am going to stick my neck out and suggest the biggest fear that the general public have at present above all else is JOB SECURITY and  the uncertainty hanging over the BREXIT shambles.

There is no doubt in my mind that many small to large companies are worried about the outlook especially as we are no nearer to establish what lies ahead even after 3 years of negotiations.

The withdrawal agreement is the first hurdle which we find incapable of agreeing with the EU,  what on earth will the  trade deals the real meat of the parting of the waves with Europe bring about if we can't even agree on withdrawal.

The withdrawal agreement should have been the easiest bit., the trade deals to follow which we haven't touched on yet being the hardest to negotiate.

These prospective candidates need to get a grip on the situation and propose exactly what their thinking is to get the situation with the EU resolved not harping on about tax cuts, the IRISH backstop has not been resolved and I would like to know exactly how each one these candidates would for example resolve this particular issue.