Good cover option off the bench 12 clubs in 7 years as a pro lad needs to settle 
I preferred him under the name "Cat Stevens".

Solihull fans don't seem overly bothered.

Cheesey and Mike will love this fella.

Mcpoolmob will be writing to Nigel

Some highlights of him here:

Turned it off, is the whole video just him celebrating?
Yeah it's shit. I know people like watching shit though.

He looks strong and can clearly fight for the ball. Got a good shot too. Solihull fans says he's frustrating - we'll see.

seasider wrote:Yeah it's shit. I know people like watching shit though.
Well, we are all Blackpool fans.

Confirmed 2 year deal with an option of an extra year.

Good luck to him. Bit of a step up but if you get it right, these players are worth a punt.

Magic147 wrote:Turned it off, is the whole video just him celebrating?

No, the second half of the video is him just falling over and miss placing passes!

He reminds me of Simon Lynch, only worse!

seasider wrote:

He sounds stoned or can't be arsed 
"I've changed my lifestyle" - doesn't sound good. Are there a lot of nightclubs in Solihull?

Might be a stupid question (or 3),  but who's authorising player purchases, how much executive authority do they have and what assurances can they give that it will fortify the club's asset base?

seasider wrote:

Some highlights of him here:

Got bored rather fast. 

Same goal & celebration from different angles is hardly inspiring. 

Solihull replaced him with a guy who scored more goals last season. Let the negativity seep in....

I am underwhelmed by this, but not surprised as it’s been the same every year. We’re not going to be getting anyone near good enough until new owners are spending. I could be wrong and he could get us some goals. But for me, let’s get the new people running the club and hope they’ll spend some cash. 

Goals vid with sexy music.

He's gonna be League one top scorer next season. FACT.

Dare I say in Terry McPhillips we trust? He has obviously been watching him for a while. Let's also remember our budget will still be League Two standard so TM can't sit around and wait for new owners. He has go about his job as if this is his budget for the summer.

On another topic, I wonder why Danny Rowe continuously gets overlooked.

Just had a quick look at Solihull forum again and a few more comments about him not being missed. 

"When he was out of a game he was absolutely being carried by the rest of the team. When he's on his game he's an excellent finisher."

Old habits die hard. 

(Which is why there are so many old nuns)