£300,000 - we should keep him. £500,000 we should think about it.
Last year of his contract though so doubt they will get 500k for him. He doesn't look comfortable at times but somehow manages to always get the better of the striker. He will be a loss especially with Heneghan going back to Sheff Utd. This is why I can't understand people on Twitter complaining about looking at defenders. Who the hell is going to play centre half with them two gone!

Heneghan is available on a free just been released getting him back and keeping tilt would be a good bit of business 

Would be a great signing but he is on record saying he wants to play in the Championship. Depends if there are any takers for him. Have a feeling we will be last resort.

Rotherham now after him. Surely this would be a sideways step now we are in the same division and the fans are back.


Rotherham rumours resurfaced again this week. If we have any ambition, surely Rotherham would be a sideways step or even possibly backwards. Need Tilt to sign a new contract.


There’s maybe a handful of clubs who would be a step forward in this division, Sunderland, Pompey and?????????
Ipswich. You could argue Bolton and Coventry but not in their current state.

Ipswich and Coventry definitely, Bolton Probably too.

seasider wrote:Ipswich. You could argue Bolton and Coventry but not in their current state.

I could understand him going to Rotherham when they were a Championship club like Robertson and Vassell did,but not now we are equal,surely?.Portsmouth and Ipswich are a different matter,but with our new found optimism and bigger budget,it would still be disappointing.
Hero wrote:

Ipswich and Coventry definitely, Bolton Probably too.

Wouldn't say it was worth going to any of those over at the moment.