2 years isn't bad compared to the deals we used to roll out

It's whether he is good enough or not that matters. Difficult to answer. Sometimes he looks like a real asset but quiet in too many games for me. Definitely worth having him as a squad player next season - not sure on first team myself if we have high aspirations.
Hopefully we can go into preseason with enough players, usually we are well short of a squad. How many times do preseason games contain the trialist family?
Definitely one of the better players in the squad so positive news.
He wasn't even in our first team towards the end of the season. I wouldn't put him in the bracket of one of our better players. Good squad player maybe.
A year down the line I think this will seem like a bad deal. At least we know what we're getting with Nafe though
Hard to think he's still only 28!!  I was going to say hes part of the furniture now and hope he can see out his career with us but, 28!!
Decent signing compared to what we usually have to put up with in pre-season. He's not gonna tear up the League but a useful squad player.