The guys from the MSG have helped me make this new video for their amazing charity bike ride from Eiffel Tower back to Blackpool Tower. Please support their efforts by donating to their justgiving page linked in the comments under the video or by sharing this video any way you can with friends and family all over the world.

Their goal is £5,000 we can do this easily I'm sure

Appreciate you watching. I've done the best I can it's down to you guys to get behind it and share it thank you

Good luck to them!

They are on route to Paris. Some going that. Believe over 2k has been raised.

They're off

Good luck to them!  

Horrible conditions for them yesterday. Lots of places flooded down south.

On the last leg to Blackpool. What an effort from them. 👏

seasider wrote:

On the last leg to Blackpool. What an effort from them. 👏

Yeah, great effort there. I love cycling and ride a lot, but wouldn't have wanted to ride as far as they have in those awful conditions. Brilliant achievement and has raised a lot of money for good causes. Chapeau. 

They have earned themselves a lot of respect for doing this. Think raised over 7k.

Brilliant effort lads. Well done !