Didn't realise that you now had to pay to read more than 5 articles a week. Need to be selective with what I read!

I appreciate they will need to make money like every other business but just can't see people subscribing even at £1 for 3 months!


If you were selective you wouldn't read the fucking Gazette
Wouldn't even wrap my chips in it. 

It never loads up anyway for me.

I rely on IT from here 🤓

If you really feel the need to read this shit rag, just put /amp on the end of the url 





How does that work?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a Google initiative that lets publishers get higher rankings in Google, and featured as news articles if the sites pages load very quickly so many publishers.

The way you get them to load very quickly is to conform to a strict set of rules set by Google which include not using scripts to block the content of pages.

Most publishers will have 2 versions of every article, one full version with all the bullshit that people find on the web, and another AMP version that they submit to google.


So on sites that say things like celebrity kids now & back then that take an age to load, are full of bullshit adverts & only show 1 at a time should be a breeze through then?

I’ll try it. 👍


It didn’t work but I did notice amp at the beginning of the address also??

Yeah, every site implements it differently. The one I put is just for the gazette.

So for the insider it would be:




Good to know. 
Deciding where to use the media subscription budget is an ongoing challenge. Spotify, Amazon Prime and Netflix are my basic three. I've paid for and canceled The Times and The New York Times this year...both a breeze to sign up for and a fucking nightmare to cancel. 
I subscribe to Amazon Prime and Amazon Music. Did have Spotify but 2 quid cheaper if have Prime and already have that. I always think it's a waste of money but I do order a lot from Amazon so delivery fees help compensate!
Spotify and Netflix are a must.
I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Fuck Spotify.
My Google home would be pointless without spotify, never tried the Amazon equivalent.
tangerine77 wrote:My Google home would be pointless without spotify, never tried the Amazon equivalent.

It's the only thing I use those devices for. Have Amazon Echo with Amazon Music in my office. Amazon Echo Dot in house which links to Sonos speakers. Can say play x song on Kitchen or Bedroom.

Apparently Prime has quite a good selection so maybe I am wasting my money with Amazon Music and Prime would do. My music selections aren't exactly undercover music.
TheSteed wrote:I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Fuck Spotify.
I would give up  Netflix and Prime before Spotify.  It's the backround to my life..office, car, home. Great interface and it's only on really obscure tracks that the database lets me down.