Hi everyone,

some of you may remember me for an article I wrote for my wee blog in December 2018, about a Blackpool shirt and the deplorable state of things under the previous owners;


I was ever so pleased when the receiver was appointed, so when I got the chance to buy a matchworn shirt from 2018/2019 off the club, I couldn't resist. I've penned a new article now, which chronicles a bit of the proceedings of 18/19 and provides a really in-depth look at the shirt, and I hope you will all enjoy it as much as the previous time I covered the club!;


I would be really grateful if anyone and everyone would be willing to share it on social media and the like! Also keen to hear whether I made any mistakes in writing it, and your opinion about this kit, Erreà as a manufacturer, and your hopes for the 2019/2010 shirts!