Any good Ger?

Would be a quality bit of business, scored consistently in Scotland and had a cracking year in particular at Livingston. He's perfect for League 1.
Seem to going after a few strikers. Perhaps he wants to play two upfront next season. Would need a top midfield and wingers for that. Needs to fuck off that diamond. 

Just been reading the Rangers forum and he can't be that bad if they have a thread on him. Seems to be mostly positive comments.

Another article on Hardie and reaction from Rangers fans.

Sign him and I will be impressed.
What's happening with this guy? Looked a done deal but gone quiet.
seasider wrote:What's happening with this guy? Looked a done deal but gone quiet.
Having his medical today.
Hmm. Is that in the know knowledge or second hand info?

I think he’d be a great signing.

-15 goals in 32 games last season

-Tall player (6’2) with good pace 

-Young (22/23?)

Any truth in the post about him having his medical today?

Knowing Hero, probably not 😁
Hahaha shame, hopefully it gets done anyway he seems the player we need 
Just nabbed the info from AVFTT.
Fair enough hopefully it’s true 
Hero wrote:Just nabbed the info from AVFTT.
Fair enough. Hopefully right as sounds like a good signing.
Apparently his best mate in football is Jordan Thompson too. Hopefully that’s a factor (like Kaikai/Bola) - could be an effective link up, I’d like to see more from Thompson
Thompson is one of the more technically gifted players. Could be a big player for us if he works hard. 
Yeh agreed, he didn’t really work for Tmac’s style of play but in a better more attacking team he could be very important 
Apparently deal has fallen through according to the Daily Record. Shame. 
On the bench today for rangers in a friendly maybe they are Having second thoughts 
Perhaps TM leaving hasn't helped. Shame as our current strikers are not good enough for a promotion challenge. 
Apparently, deals with Blackpool and Doncaster fell through. They are now looking for him to go out on loan, so there still may be an opportunity if Grayson wants him 
Armand is a weird one. Can look great at times but not sure you could rely on him getting goals. Bit greedy at times as well. Would see him more as a sub and perhaps changing games. 

Maybe it's back on.

Even The Sun thinks so.

Blackpools move for Rangers striker Ryan Hardie could be back on. It had stalled following Terry McPhillips' resignation. (The Sun)

There’s a rumour that it’s a done deal. £150k . 
That would be great but only putting that down to Macca's feedback.

Seems a done deal spotted at the fylde game in a pool track suit

Sounds good, that's 1 of the 3 we need done and dusted.