Playing for Blackburn today.

Let's hope he's there just to keep fit 45 mins under his belt isn't to bad . Not the sort of player Blackburn would normally sign.
He looks about fucking 60 now!

I’m genuinely ITK here. He is just training there whilst looking for a contract with a club in our area.

I know his PT who he’s been working with lately.

Awaits confirmation from Bob

He has been training with the right back from Plymouth, family lives in Manchester and a young lad from Bolton Wanderers. Oh and Alex Baptiste has started training with them last week too.

Dave has told me CA is apparently the fittest he has ever been and was running rings around all the Fleetwood players when he was training there the last few weeks.

We should go for him but his wages will be mega!

Adam, Spearing and Devitt. Now that would be a decent midfield trio in this league. 
Magic147 wrote:He looks about fucking 60 now!
He's turning into Simon Grayson
I wonder if we are actually trying to sign Adam. Probably not wise in the long term to break the wage structure. Hope we do though. 
I wouldn't be surprised if Blackburn offered him a contract as feedback from the friendly was that he was that best player on the pitch