3bc5b734a6e18582f0730df2850beac3.pngthe rest of the draw is on Friday (oddly)
Picture is a bit blurry. For those who can't see, we have been drawn against Morecambe and Carlisle. Under 23 team will be added on Friday.
They probably let the bigger Prem teams choose their group, or base it off nearest opponents so the U23s don't have to travel as far. 
It really is a shit competition. The only positive is that our reserves can have a competitive game but I am sure you have to play a certain number of first team players who played the previous match. Just totally unnecessary for me which is a shame to say as we have had some good success in the competition.
Yeah, IIRC it's 6 players from the last fixture. Not sure if this includes those who remained on the bench in the last fixture or not. It's meant to make it more competitive as then there should be some first teamers in the starting line up but I think most clubs still manage a way around it. 
Wolves have been drawn in our group.
There goes my theory then