Seems to be the latest craze and seeing what people look like when they're older. Done myself and it's scary. 

Here is Simon Grayson...


Is that the before photo?

Karl Oyston

Jay Spearing....I'll stop now

Kin hell Jay's not aged well

Grayson looks bad now anyway, he doesn’t need the app thingy. 

I’m going to have to have ago myself now. 

Jesus just done myself - now that is freaky!!

If I'm gonna look like that I need to stop drinking!

They'll be a spate of suicides by people not wanting to get old after finding out what they'll look like.

Nice one ! Apparently the US and UK government are deeply concerned about this app data stealing. They’re saying the Russian company behind it are obtaining your personal details. 

Just wait until Oleg seasideseasider sells your house 🤣👍

Well I have had my fun now so going to delete the app! I looked like my Grandad, was quite surreal.

Ha Ha,

She will fucking kill me.

I showed her & said I’m going to make it my FB profile pic 🤣🤣

Why is she wearing Huddersfield's new kit?

Ha Ha, that kit must be reviled as a joke any day soon?

It was a few weeks ago now, it was our gender reveal. (Yes, I know, American) the banner says Mum To Be. 

PS, I’ve lost 5 Kg since that photo.