Just how far does the "User Support" on this forum go?
Send a photo to admin see how you get on is my advice or Google it 

Blimey, what's next? The return of the Great Shite thread. 

Our user support team aren't just technical whiz kids, we can also provide advice on life matters. 

Over to you Steed. 

Hot poker to the jeb end will cure that.

I’ve been for the “umbrella” loads when I was a teenager, I hated shagging with a Jonny on. It’s like having a bath with your socks on!

Just remember to take a viagra before you go, this will stop your cock shrivelling up with fear.

Beats having the snip

Had the umbrella twice. 

I heard they don’t do it anymore???

Were you pissed yesterday Magic?
seasider wrote:Beats having the snip
The snip??? Fuck that, just chuck it in her face instead like the pornstars do.
tangerine77 wrote:Were you pissed yesterday Magic?
The answer to that question is yes, however this thread was started prior to my consumption of any alcoholic beverages.