“We have a really good man who is going to be the Prime Minister of the UK now: Boris Johnson, says Mr Trump. “Good man. He’s tough and he’s smart. They’re saying ‘Britain Trump.’ They call him ‘Britain Trump’ and it’s people saying that’s a good thing. They like me over there.”

We are fucked with that idiot in number 10
He's a cunt. Hope he chokes to death sucking Trumps cock
Bally wrote:He's a cunt. Hope he chokes to death sucking Trumps cock
According to Stormy Daniels it’s too small.
GynnSquarePhoenix wrote:

That has to be the most appropriate picture I’ve ever seen on here. What a fucking joke we’ve become.

I love the Mary Poppins picture!

He's the right man for the job. 

He's just stated that brexit will work if only we can all believe harder.  Same thing Tinkerbell said to Peter Pan about flying.

Got no deal written all over it. Boris would rather have that than be known as someone else who failed to deliver Brexit. The EU aren't up for renegotiation so tough job for Boris. 
Boris is up for it in the House of Commons. SNP at it again discussing timetables for a second referendum. Boris ridiculed the idea.

Was like a pantomime PM questions.

Surely the recess can't go ahead, although at least we'll be spared watching these buffoons for a couple of months. 

This is not Have I Got News For You

He keeps saying 'let's get it done!'

The problem is I doubt he knows how to get it done.