Very recently we wrote that it is never easy being the son of a successful father, and that Nigel Clough has faced that particular challenge every day of his career in football. If Clough has found it problematic to step out from his famous father’s shadow, consider the size of the stride needed by Peterborough manager Darren Ferguson. His father Sir Alex needs no introduction of course, other than to say he is the most successful manager of all time. In short, he is an act that is impossible to follow.

And therein lies the solution: it is pointless trying to do so. Despite starting his playing career under his father at Manchester United, Ferguson has chosen his own path in the game. It would have been an easy choice to become part of Sir Alex’s network of coaches and analysts, but Darren has never relied on his famous name. If we disassociate him from his father, Darren Ferguson has actually carved an impressive career as a player and as a manager: over 500 appearances as a player and almost 600 games as a manager is a record to envy.

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