All just a bit of fun

With the bonus of a few prizes NOW😁😁


2 match tickets

2 Odeon guest passes

1 yr membership to the Fanzine

Post predictions in the comments section under the video on youtube 

Good luck

Hello Lee and Tigger.

Southend 2 - 3 Blackpool 

Corners 7 - 6 

Can't we post predictions here? Not logging in to youtube, too much hassle, different account and all that.

Southend 0- 5 Blackpool

Corners 2 - 9 

Hellloooo Graves woohoo-hoo-hoo 😂😂

As per last week all predictions on here count as the link doesn’t take you to the YouTube video to post in the comments section on the video

Good luck Graves

Yep TT post them here

The only reason I say post them on YouTube is that it helps with YouTube analytics if there’s comments and interaction which helps the video get views (apparently?) I don’t notice any difference so far but things change once you get 1,000 subscribers so they tell me.

Southend 1-3Blackpool


Southend 0-4 Blackpool 


Southend 0-0 Blackpool


Southend 0 Blackpool 2

2 corners vs 10 

Seasider the draw...oooooh

Could be 

Southend 1 Blackpool 3

Corners 3-6

Southend 1-0 Blackpool

Corners: 6-3

0-1 Pool