By way of a start..

Man City will piss it, Liverpool failed to improve and will not finish second this year. 

Top four: City, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool.

Liverpool's year... 

Man united failed to improve other spots they needed to, 6th for them 

Wolves sneaking a Europa league spot over Everton

Champions: Man City

Champions League: Liverpool, Spurs, Man Utd

Europa: Everton

Relegation: Crystal Palace, Brighton, Norwich
Does Chris basham still play for Sheffield United always liked him at pool be interesting to see how he gets on 17th finish would be good for them 

He does... reckon he will start as well. 

Not a good start for my dream team, picked Mane!

seasider wrote:

He does... reckon he will start as well. 

Not a good start for my dream team, picked Mane!

You mean your missus did 

She would have picked City players!

Liverpool already 1-0 up. Gift of an own goal. 

They look good Norwich going forward. Number 14 looks a real talent. Unfortunately they look shit at the back and shit at finishing. Not a good sign. 

2-0 now

Yep Norwich are going down. Can't defend for shit. 


I have a feeling injuries will marr Liverpool’s season... they won’t even finish 2nd.

City’s insane depth from the oil pits will see them in 1st. 

They haven't got great back up for Sane, Salah and Firminio have they. 

Sane out for 7 months which normally would be a nightmare but won't hurt City as much as would Liverpool. 

Anyone watching West Ham v Man City? VAR is dominating the game. 
By the score I’d have said City dominated the game. 🤪

You could say typical City or typical West Ham at home.

Burnley with a great start. 

You could also say that City spanked West Ham, are a great side who play entertaining, attacking football, at the highest level and will piss the league.

But that might not suit your agenda.

Might get you a blow job though

That's why I said you could say typical City. West Ham were shite though. No Premier League team should get beat 5-0 at home even if it is City. 
Reality check for Lampard!
seasider wrote:Reality check for Lampard!

Sacked by January jobs to big for him at the moment

United playing well having a transfer ban may effect Chelsea big time 

VAR dominating headlines again. City score in 92nd minute and from nowhere the referee disallowed the goal because of handball in the build up.

I am still undecided but one thing is for sure, it's very unfair on the player (in this case Jesus) who thinks he has scored the winner. Players are going to stop celebrating just in case VAR intervenes!
Liverpool fans quick to jump on Adrian again calling for his head after today's error not 4 days ago he was a hero and they loved him strange thing football 
Don't like Villa but good to see a stadium with a proper atmosphere. Few and far between in the Premier League. 
United are very average and have a serious penalty taker issue.
He won't last the season in my opinion. 
City 2 down to Norwich. Could be a shock!

Someone has a sense of humour in the traffic department in Manchester this week...

United always seem to be on the receiving end of these!

Not best fixtures today for the neutral. Everton and Arsenal will expect wins. 

City 5-0 Watford after 15 minutes! Mockery.
7-0 now
United really struggling this season. Not sure Ole will be able to turn it around.