You’ve seen the video - now find out what happened behind the scenes on my trip to Southend: tripe soup, magic, a transport crisis or three, a talking toilet...and can anyone tell me what a tabernacle is?Vlogging, Blogging & Flogging Fanzines

You are a wee bundle of energy aren't you Jane. Great reporting from game day and your life around and within it.

A tabernacle was a movable tent built by the Israelites as a home for God on Earth and thus a place of worship for them on their journey to their promised land.

Maybe you could invest in one for you and Lee for shelter and worship on your journeys this season. Praying for the wins to get us back toward our promised land.👍⚽

Thanks Jane. Enjoyed that.

That was a mini English Breakfast! Would have needed more than that.

Smokin - Thank you. I don’t feel like a bundle of energy since I got home, that’s for sure haha! Thank you for enlightening me about the tabernacle. Nice idea but we both hate camping so that won’t happen haha!

Seasider - Thank you. It was tiny! Although you may note that I was videoing when my breakfast order was taken, so it’s my own fault for not fully concentrating. I definitely needed something more substantial as I had been up for five hours at that point!