Andy Lonergan could be on the bench for Liverpool tonight living the dream he was at Rochdale last season tough game going for liverpool win though 
What channel is this on?
Bt sport 2 I believe
I love how the BBC titled their article: ‘why you should care about the super cup final’. 
Pulsic looks a good player for Chelsea. It's a shame but they look much better without the kids. 

Going the distance, hard match. Seems too much as they start their Prem campaign. I bet City are loving this.

Pulisic could finally be the 'star' player the US public needs to take the sport to the next level over here.

All pens scored..this could go on forever....there we go, Chelsea miss one..Liverpool collect the silverware.
Stream went just at the end of extra time. Good match for a Super Cup final. 

seasider wrote:

What a guy and what a film! 

Kept me up later than I was intending this match!   Good game to watch but I can’t help thinking that Liverpool’s legs won’t last to get any major silverware come the end of the season.  Maybe FA cup.