Donating £30m to Fleetwood community groups.

Astonishing gesture of genorosity👍

Great news for Fleetwood. Thank God for one or two rich people in Fleetwood 😉

I'm guessing the family made their money from Fisherman's Friend?

Oddly enough they are still an impulse buy in most US convenience stores. Little paper packets on the counters of 7/11 and Circle K stores. That's Coca Cola and Marlboro level exposure.

Not true, unfortunately.

Today's Gazette:

"Lozenge firm Lofthouse of Fleetwood says a story in a national newspaper about the company offering £30m to fund community projects in the town is not true.

A spokesman for the company said that while there had been a movement of a large sum of money, this related only to a 'paper' transfer of shares.

There was no truth to the article's claim that the entrepreneurs behind Fisherman's Friend lozenges had made the huge sum available to fund community projects in Fleetwood. In previous years, company boss Doreen Lofthouse has generously donated to projects in the town.

Mrs Lofthouse, whose donations included £1m to the Mount Gardens restoration scheme and £1m to Fleetwood Hospital, was granted the freedom of Wyre in 2016.

The lozenge firm is one of the world's most famous and successful confectionery firms. Fisherman's Friends lozenges are now sold in well over 100 countries and includes a range of flavours."