Looks like Wan Bissaka has replaced Kyle Walker. Bit harsh on Walker in my opinion! Not sure how Lingard keeps getting picked if it's based on form. Perhaps that's an indication of our lack of depth.
Dog wank. So much for giving in form youth players a chance. 
When is that, tonight? 
5pm. Not sure I can handle watching Henderson, Trippier, Rashford and co. 
Just watch UFC. 
When's the last time we were in a qualifying group that posed some kind of challenge. Every time England look decent before a tournament against wank opposition and once they get there it's a different class. Wish the groups were more balanced 
Been poor but winning 3-0. Sums up your post! First goal was comical. They have had chances though!

Hopefully against Kosovo, Gareth can be more experimental with the likes of Wan-Bissaka, Mount and Maddison. Thought Barkley did well yesterday, much prefer him over Ali in that role.

HT today ... Scotland 0 Belgium 3

Can it get any worse? 

To be fair Belgium are quality. Scotland should be better though. The 'success' of Northern Ireland and Wales won't help their frustrated supporters.
and that's having (some) Scottish blood !

Uninspiring midfield selection again. 

0-1 after a minute. 
1-1. Missed their goal. 
Barkley and Keane comedy football gifted their goal I'm told.
There are about 4 players that should be nowhere the team. Rice and Henderson playing together in a midfield three is depressing. 
Sterling is world class
2-1   fuck 'em.
tangerine77 wrote:Sterling is world class

Good to see Sterling now playing for England without fear. Just shows how much confidence is a factor in playing well. 

Big chance for Sancho, hopefully he can take it. 

Just seen the first goal and poor back pass from Barkley but Keane mainly to blame. Made it for it though with a good header for Sterling. Keane is a good defender but really don't see the point if we are building a team for the future. Surely Gomez or another youngster is worth a try in these games. 
5-1. Can't moan at that. Sterling on fire. 
Another mistake for their second. Didn't see who gave the ball away. 
England are shit
Why doesn't Southgate try the likes of Maddison and Mount. Really don't get him sometimes.