Due to the inclusion of Premier League under 21 sides. Should we join in the boycott or after being gone for so long should we try to attend as many games as possible? Or should we attend so long as it isn't against an U21 side?

I'm either going to boycott completely or boycott the U21 games. Shame as I would have liked to attend all home games possible after being gone for years.

I think people would say they are boycotting just because they can't be arsed. Boycott or not, not many people would want to watch those fixtures. 

They need to scrap the competition or put it back to the old format.

Which category does” can’t be arsed” come in?  Meaningless competition. 

I don’t think anyone will boycott, it’s a choice of wether or not to watch .

These really do seem like ‘filler’ games.  They should just have a separate youth league and scrap this.  There’s nothing in it for the fans. 
I don’t think I’ll ever go to one of those games. I don’t even check the results.