- Tough game = if we can keep on top of Granduillet we will have a better chance. Can't afford to carry players 

- I have a slightly tentative feeling going into this one and also from how a lot of our fanbase are talking I feel like it will be the world is about to end if we lose.

- Think we’ll lose this. Mostly cos we’ve got to at some point.

- First proper test at Stans. I hope we go at them. I would back Godden to score against anybody in this league so let’s hive him the opportunity. 

- their fixtures have ben fairly similar to ours in terms of the teams they've played. I think we'll win though, or at least, not get beaten.

- Tricky one this they have Anthony Evans & Scannell on the wings both could cause us problems.

- Like said above, Blackpool had a similar start to season as us in terms of teams played, if we play well no reason we wont win this.

- Our first defeat of the season, only because a work colleague has put a bet on a home win (every time he has bet on us winning, we have lost)

- Interesting point to make however is that Blackpool have had 85 shots put at them in 6 matches this season.. The 4th most in the league... So either the teams they have played can't finish a wank or they have Oliver kahn in goal. In comparison city have had 55 put at them in 6 matches.. The 5th least of any team. Blackpool have had 62 shots at goal this season, bottom half stats. City have had 72 shots, top half stats and City have had the second most amount of shots on target this season with 30. Everything statistically points towards a Coventry win. 3-0 loss then

- Blackpool have the potential to do well this season. Hopefully they come to play and not put ten men behind the ball.

- I’m looking forward to Saturday and I think we’ll have enough; 2-1, Godden, O’Hare.

- If Mason isn’t fit I have a feeling Watson will start, McCallum is a decent future prospect but was up against it last week and Blackpool have just signed a decent winger too in Scanlon.

- Well it’s another decent test to see where we are. I fancy Blackpool to be one of the dark horses this season and be in and around the playoffs.

Bump in case anyone missed. Nothing too controversial!
We’ve signed Antony Evans??? 😮😥😂😄 
I was waiting for someone to spot that. Well done 🙂
We’ve also signed Romario to counter act our lack of shots.  Bottom half stats. 
thanks for this.