Winner has to tidy up all the seats from the Gene Kelly stand that were dumped on a Lytham farm by the Oyston's.

787,Should be more but hey-ho.

1050   -      similar to 2010 when it was 1-1, yes we were in a league higher but we now have a new and respected owner so would have thought that would have balanced out the league difference.

It would be a crying shame taking less than a 1,000 to the Midlands, certainly doable for many exiles, we are in an interesting position in the league,  have a talented team for league one standards and after all those years of misery a bright future, so why not a 1,000 to Brum.

My excuse for not going, I am just too tired.

I would be really pleased to see 1k there Whits- but can’t see it this time!

My guess is 685.

I agree with Whits, we are third in the league, previously we would have taken 1k+ so why not now? I think maybe people are changing routines and just getting used to home games so away games might take a little longer to grow as a fanbase. Shit excuse I know but clinging onto the fact they will improve!
I think we will take just over 1000. The 500 tickets sold out yesterday so it’s potg. Easily take another 500

Seasiders Police report a higher figure so maybe Hero hasn't won.