The hurricane Dorian to have hit the Bahamas devastating parts of the islands need help now and hopefully the UN and the relief agencies will get into gear and help those who survived with shelter food and above all water.

The hurricane now has lost much of it's energy as it heads north off shore along the east coast of America then across the Atlantic south of Newfoundland and finally   over the cool waters of the North Atlantic as it heads towards Iceland as any other Atlantic depression with its trailing fronts with winds and rain crossing the UK mid week around the 11th.

I see there is another tropical storm recently left the area west of Africa in the South Atlantic heading towards the Caribbean so next week could see another hurricane develop and head towards Cuba.

We have a poster on here from Miami, not sure of they were impacted?

Those places like Cuba seem to get hurricanes a lot these days!

Florida I believe only had 55mph winds and some rain along the coast not sure about the sea levels but along the  Carolinas coast flooding form the sea surge and heavy rain has happened.

The reason the Caribbean catch a few of these is that they start off the coast of West Africa as storms, develop as tropical storms, there are a few at present in the South Atlantic all heading as they do westward an as they reach the very warm waters they increase their energy, once they hit land they lose some of their bit  likewise as they head north up the Eastern seaboard of the US the cooler water limits their energy also.

When they head north like Dorian is doing, they quit often head back across the Atlantic and we get the remnants of it. Prepare for windy, wet weather back end of next week. 

North Carolina getting winds and flooding today ....