What the fuck is one of those. 

Sat with Mrs jezza watching strictly and some bird is introduced as a social media star. Is this now the best career that millennials can choose? 

If so, the planet is fucked! 

Professionally famous.


Becoming more and popular. Surprised Strictly have stooped as low as Big Brother. 

We live in a changing world. Give it another year and Lee will be on Dancing on Ice.

Cultural oblivion. 

Tv is dying, and there are some real tossers out there making a living on social media.

If providing a service for a good cause like Lee then nothing wrong with that. 

There is a cleaning lady my wife follows on Instagram and she made bucket loads by recommended cleaning products. You have to say fair play but I wouldn't want to watch her TV!

There is a kid as well. Ryan in the States. He started by showing toys and now makes millions and even has his own toy brand in the shops. Companies know millions are watching these videos and use them to sell their own products. 

A lot of money to be made if find a niche!