Matt Scrafton not happy! Good news for us I guess if we see Lincoln as a top half competitor.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Terriers are a good next step in his career. 
Tough job though. They have started crap so you could say the only way is up. That was probably a factor in his decision - he can't do any worse than the previous manager.

A relegation double perhaps.

Cowley may not be up to the task at Huddersfield. He has worked the magic for the Imps from non league to L1. This appointment to a recently relegated Premier league club will be beyond him I believe.

Odds for relegation 6/4. The bookies seem to agree with me. Skinny odds.

The Lincoln success story may take a big turnaround with Cowley's departure. They might fall through the floor after losing their leader in such dramatic fashion. I know with the extinguishing of Bury and Bolton's poor state at the moment, could mean only one relegation place to fill. Could be Lincoln if things turn sour. As rapid as the rise so could be the fall.

Odds for relegation 40/1. The bookies dont seem to agree with me. Yet...

This could end up like the Luton manager leaving for Stoke. Luton continue to do well and win promotion and Stoke continue to struggle with fans calling for his head.
Be out of a job by January 
Not a good start for him.