Weird looking back now!

Who's online is interesting. 
Off topic section was booming
The board statistics should be brought back.
Reckon they will at some point. Some changes are coming soon but this will be more around the layout so we can start to add pages in the future such as a home and news page. 
Those moderator elections were a mistake!
Still far better than avitt, even then 
Classic threads, the forum must have only been 3 months old.
Seven years ago wow how time fly’s 

Steed was quite partial to changing the logo every now and then. This one hasn't aged well...

10.59pm, what a thread. Why wasnt that in the classic threads section?
Magic147 wrote:Who's online is interesting. 

I didn’t realise MR-DD was a Mod?

Did he not have a Walter White avatar also?

Think GSP had the Walter White avatar, can't fully remember.
DD was the best mod IMO. 

I am sure Tangerine Bamber would have had something to say about that!

BHS version 2 -

Whatever happened to Derrick_derrickson_the5th? 

I think version 2 was when I joined. 

They look like the PC version & I VERY rarely log in from a PC.

How do I find out when I joined? I think it was when Paul Ince was sacked?

seasider wrote:

I am sure Tangerine Bamber would have had something to say about that!

BHS version 2 -

Whatever happened to your boyfriend?
Not sure, miss him. 
tangerine77 wrote:Whatever happened to your boyfriend?
Seasider would make anyone a Mod in those days for a ride
That's why we had a lot of mods back then. Thankfully it wasn't suspicious at the time but it might have been if the other 57 users didn't reject my mod offer.

This was AVFTT 10 years ago. Not much has changed apart from dropping the AVFTT banner. Not surprising really as it's anything but independent!

That's shocking, could be 10 minutes ago. 


(BHS not AVIT)

Bring back this version

As good as it was, it was very old code. Could never have improved on it the way it was. 

Some changes are coming soon although I haven't seen it yet. 

Welcome back by the way!

Did the Oyston to do list ever get finished???
Oyston to do list?
seasider wrote:Oyston to do list?

I just assumed it was the time line of Shame thing?