Hard to believe it was 18 years ago. One of those events where you can remember vividly where you were. I was at Sheffield Hallam University in my halls of residence. I came back from a class and everyone was in the living room glued to the TV. The only time everyone sat in the same room together.

My Mrs was pregnant with the twins and I was working in lytham building a shop fit for a shop in York. Delivery driver arrived and said a plane has hit one of the towers. At first I thought a small plane and pilot had flown too close. Put the news on and watched the second tower get hit. 

Can remember it like it was last week. 

Are we going to do this every year? 

wow 18 years ago - doesn't feel like it

We were all sent home as no-one could concentrate on work

Yep, just going to do a Princess Diana one.. forgot this year.
Magic147 wrote:Are we going to do this every year? 

RIP all those who perished.

Let us not forget that what happened on that day led to a war in Afghanistan that still continues, with thousands of civilians in the country killed and wounded,  with 2,400 US personnel and 450 UK personnel  also  killed in the conflict.

The Taliban who allowed Al-Qaeda to operate within the country were attacked but after eighteen years still remain in control of parts of the country not quite defeated and possibly not ever likely to be.

In answer to your question Magic, yes we should remember, we should remember from history how protracted wars start and the lives of so many are lost forever, in what follows.

Yep, I definitely meant we should forget all about it and the wars that followed, and the dead, yes I definitely meant let's forget them.

Consider your hands slapped Magic. 😂
I was wagging school on Highfield Rd Park. I was probably fingering a bird in the bushes and drinking Stella.
Leesthedaddy wrote:Consider your hands slapped Magic. 😂
Hero wrote:I was wagging school on Highfield Rd Park. I was probably fingering a bird in the bushes and drinking Stella.
You so remind me of Jay off the Inbetweeners

Gazette getting a bit of stick for publishing this. 

Too many snowflakes around. 

Offended about something they’re not offended by but potentially they could have been, so their offended. 😤😤😤

I would actually agree with you. They are just reporting, the fact it's September 11th and there are two tower blocks in the picture is probably pure coincidence. It is stupid though as they should have anticipated a negative reaction. 

When this happened I was working in an office in what is now St Anne’s Travelodge. We had a leased line so we could stream the news on our computers. Not many people could do that in those days.

That office is also where I first met seasider so the place is riddled with bad memories.

Yeah that's where I taught you website design using Dreamweaver.