Potentially next Friday night as Lincoln's new manager. What sort of reception would he get? I hated him at the time leaving us for Blackburn. However, the more I look back, the more I appreciate he probably under-estimated what a basket case of a club we were and jumped ship at the first opportunity. McDonald stayed and was known as MugDonald and an Oyston collaborator so manager's couldn't win with the fans.
Don’t forget, muggers waved at the fans! 

Despite his alleged Preston tattoo, I honestly didn’t hate him for leaving.  He came, thought he could help us out and then realised that the scum were intolerable. 

Fair play. 

Loved the man, showed the Oystons tin-pot operation up for what it was.
He didnt put up with the oyston shit fair play to him
BigSteveHetzke wrote:Loved the man, showed the Oystons tin-pot operation up for what it was.
You knew something was seriously wrong when Appleton left so looking back, there was certainly no need to be pissed off with him even though I was. His PNE connection didn't help. 
Confirmed. His first game will be at Bloomfield Road next Friday. 

Looks like he has a job on his hands. 

Lincoln 0-6 Oxford

Watch Lincoln dick us next Friday. This now become a massive game. Grayson needs to avoid defeat to a team that has just shipped 6 at home otherwise the knives will be out. 
At the I made a rather bizarre Appleton Xmas tree decoration. As I hung it up I idly wondered if he'd be there the following Xmas. Little did I know he'd been gone in about 3 weeks. Still gets put up every year though. Lol