An update or something? All threads are saying they’re unread . Stuff I read days ago has the speech bubble filled in again. 
I had to clear the cache, so yes in a way.

Spotted that before. 

I think Steed called it a “flush” last time when he reset or something?

Probably had a bug or did some update. 

I’m sure he will explain  

Edit, I forgot to press the add your reply  button about half hour ago. 🤣🤣

Cheers chaps 👍

err, off at a tangent, why do I have to re-log in so often, like every two days? No probs, but it wastes a few seconds which mount up over the course of a year. The old site I can't remember doing the logging-in stuff  nearly so often.

Might be my non-techno brain so it's not a complaint... 

Not happened to me for a few weeks now but I asked the same question a while back.