Unanimous decision by the judges, and the prorogation is now null and void.

Boris should be resigning soon if he is a decent man.

I doubt he will resign, he wanted the job sooooo badly. 

Not that I know my stuff on this though. Can he be forced to resign?

There should be a General Election with the government having no majority in Parliament, but blow me down Labour don't want one and so we go from one crisis to another.

Could the government unable to govern without a majority just resign forcing a general election?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, your average Leave voter.

Think he posts on AVFTT.
Good to see UK road blocks to an actual dictatorship. Our system has completely failed and now we have a President who is able to operate outside the law.

Unreal that these two fucking clowns are in their positions and able to blatantly take down institutions while shit-grinning.

TheSteed wrote:Think he posts on AVFTT.


I blame the Muckers. 👍

Before a General Election there needs to be an extension of Article 50, otherwise it would be leaving via the back door.

Sajid Javid's face is fucking terrible. 

Billions riding on  no-deal happening on the 31st. It's always been about the money for a few cunts who already have too much.