"England's most deprived areas named as Jaywick and Blackpool" - BBC News


But at least the football club is on its way up! UTMP
You bunch of tramps😂. Move to Gods County
Qblock2019 wrote:You bunch of tramps😂. Move to Gods County
Yes! Lytham 🤣
I remember some benefits programme about Jaywick. If I remember correctly it's a rundown seaside resort.
8 slots out, wow. The sad thing is it's not surprising. 
Its why we have a Tip Shop in Blackpool. 🤣🤣
Also in the top ten for underage drinking.

They should put the price up for alcohol in shops. Not that it will deter people but something obviously needs to be done. It's funny how other countries manage it. I suspect it's because kids don't grow up in an 'alcohol culture'.

I was just as bad, remember dancing to Barbie Girl in Jellies Nightclub when I was 15.
oh dear...……..
Mate, the birds were on the dance floor. At that age you couldn't give a shit what you were dancing to. Maybe that's just me...
you're making it worse...…….
Barbie Girl...Yeah... just you. I was at Disco 72 when I was 13 dancing to Northern Soul.

I remember going clubbing at about 14 in town. I basically just took e’s and wore all my mates brother shirts and pants. I can still picture how fit the birds were back then.

It was top, alcohol, drugs and birds. I’m glad I grew up in a deprived town.