Looking good this morning... 

This must be their new improved mobile friendly version 😀

Makes a nice change from allez and his “ what’s the best bit of potato you’ve had in a meat and potato pie” 

They are trying to make it more mobile friendly. Perhaps too big a job for some work experience dude.

The website that has more lives than a sanctuary full of cats.
Why the fuck do people bother with that shite?

Because it has the most users so safe. They are used to avftt going down and it's back to normal after a few hours. Whether it be an age thing as well so people prefer the 90's look, really not sure but tough nut to crack!

It obviously has a strong brand name but the way I see it is that some random Teeside company is profiting from an old Blackpool name that hasn't nothing to do with them.

Anyone reading, register to enjoy an advert free forum. New era and all that... 😉

Looks like someone made a big boo boo.

That string of numbers in the "last post" column, the most recent is a date in 2016.

How can you tell it's from 2016? Is that what the string represents?

Let's hope for their sake they have backups.

The numbers are a timestamp, it's the number of seconds since January 1st 1970.

So 1474724796 which is the timestamp for the latest post on the top topic is Saturday, September 24, 2016 1:46:36pm

Looks like 'everything is fine' now to quote Neil McDonald. Someone's taken offence to you calling them turnips Magic.

I am sure the wiser people on that forum can overlook a simple play on letters.
Not the brightest who made that thread is he? Nobody goes on BHS to read the snidy comments? How the fuck did he know about the thread and the snidy comments then?

Someone has said exactly the same to him.

I am sure he will have another good read the next time Fansonline is down.

From the Middlesbrough Fansonline page.

"New database seems to be splitting between two servers"

seasider wrote:

From the Middlesbrough Fansonline page.

"New database seems to be splitting between two servers"

Translation: "We have no idea what we're doing"

Still not working properly. Just been for a look and the last post was at 00:47. 

If you refresh a couple of times, new posts show. Perhaps Steed should start fucking this place up, maybe that's the way to attract new members. 
Bless. Sensitive cherubs.
Wish you would stop offending people Magic...  Could have been worse though, you could have said a view from the tits or twats. Turnip is quite soft. Graham Taylor was once described as a turnip and he was a nice bloke. 
It doesn't apply to all of them, there are some really good posters over there, but I suppose the ones it does apply to are quite likely to be offended. 

Had a quick look over there, and there’s another biscuit thread! 

Won’t be going back for another look for a long time.

Tried to read it last night but Middlesbrough had played so it was crawling.