Anyone doing it? Maybe there is no need and you don't drink.

Don't really drink that much anyway so I probably won't during October. 
There’s sober for October and dry January, followed by your local closed down February and bankrupt pub November. 

I did rehab last October. 

I do drink again now but I don’t have a patch on the habit I used to have. 

I was Dry for many months but it got harder, not easier. 

Unfortunately it’s socially accepted, even as far to say, socially un accepted (not normal) not to do so. 

Try going 6 months & tell me how life feels. 

Good but shit. 

1’s too many & 10’s not enough. 

I wonder how many people can appreciate that phrase?

Not a sniff I’m doing that. 

I have issue with giving money to people for not doing anything.

More likely to get money off me for Smashed September and Fucked February.

Fair play to anyone doing it, I thought it was just one of those ‘give it a go’ things like giving up chocolate for lent, or whatever. I don’t know much about it as a fundraiser?  If people want to try something different then they should do it for themselves. 

As for me, I lost my old man last year to alcoholism.  I made the decision that drinking isn’t for me, but can understand anyone that enjoys it.  Each to their own. 

Sorry to hear that Graves. 

I've drank far too much alcohol in the past but apart from the odd bender which is at best once a month, don't really have any these days. Used to have red wine at home but can't be arsed having that. Think having kids has a lot to do with it. Not sure I would be the same if it didn't have to do night feeds, etc!

Hero wrote:sniff I’m doing that. 
We wouldn't expect anything different from a rich play boy like yourself.