-  Monday night is a ridiculous time for football & will hit the attendance massively. Just Fook off Sky!

- Might have got a good crowd if it was on Saturday!! Thought being in league one shit like this wouldn't happen ah well more money for the club ££

- This is the fixture (plus the away game) that I least could stomach a loss this season. Can't stand these lot.

- Given all that David Rubin and Co have done for ( and charged ) Bolton and Blackpool over the last few months , I reckon they should at the very least  sponsor the match ball 

- Blackpool at home is probably one of the highest gate receipt money spinners for us I'd have thought, moving it for Sky wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been a Monday night! Not to mention how many Season ticket holders with young children won't be able to attend, North stand will look potentially as barren as it did Saturday!

- I had the Saturday fixture planned as a day out via train and a few beers. Now it’s either a 90 minute drive after work and home around 11.30pm or stay at home and watch it on the telly. 

-  Absolute shitter this being on a Monday night. Pisses both sets of fans off, kills the attendance, kills the atmosphere, the club will actually lose money on it and no fucker will even watch it on sky anyway bar a few bolton and Blackpool fans.

- Were we in some way contracted or obliged to have 1 game on Sky, the Bury game, but then after that was lost they had to find another one fairly sharpish to replace it? It is crap though, first game of season tickets, new kit etc but it'll be a bit flat.

- Be nice to get that first win against the Satsumas. 3-1 Bolton 

- Their results have been good of late but by all accounts they’ve been proper shit and really really lucky. That cant carry on. They wont sell 2k.

- Its ridiculous to show a league one game on a Monday night. Saturday 5pm is fine. But its a joke to be on a Monday. 

- Apparently Liam Feeney has been their best player this season, so that could be a good test for Chicksen . Fwiw I've nothing against Feeney & would have been happy to have him back when we were linked with him. Spearing also plays for them & again i've nothing against him, but i wouldn't want to swap him for Lowe or Bridcutt.

- 2k would be very good from Blackpool.

- Either way, feeling slightly confident that this is the game where it clicks. Undoubtedly shitty weather, on telly and stacked against the odds - shades of Villa a couple of seasons ago?

- The games against these is the biggest derby of the season by a mile. I dislike them. No loss at home against them since 1986. That's something worth maintaining. COYWM.

-  I've got my Dad's ticket for the 53 final along with his season ticket for that season in the Manny Road stand. My Dad was an absolute gentleman. Never a bad word for anyone (other than Louis Edwards and that bent club in Trafford - mentioned in another thread). However...........even in his latter days, approaching 90 years old, racked with dementia, I would sit and talk to him about BWFC and get his memories from the 30's onwards, to try to stimulate him to get his memory going. Jesus Christ. That 53 final would light a fire under him. The Matthews Final - pah!! Only played well because Eric Bell was a passenger for a lot of the game with an injury and no subs were allowed in those days. Mortensen hat-trick - lucky - deflected first(?) goal. He hated the hype about Blackpool and that final. Bitter would be an understatement. Apparently we demolished them the first half and would have done more second half if Bell hadn't been injured. Never had a good word to say about Blackpool after that. One of those weird things that you inherit from your Dad. To my dying day I will always see Blackpool as our biggest local rivals. You follow your club thanks to your Dad, and you pick up his feelings.

- I went to my first away game in Blackpool in the mid 70s (0-1 loss). I've been about 9 or 10 times since and never seen us win there. I missed our 2-0 win in 77 (?)

-  My Dad was the same about the 53 cup final in that he hated all the hype surrounding it & always said that the game was decided by Bolton injuries, not Matthews. He had contempt for Matthews who he claimed would often succumb to a mystery injury in the week leading up to a Bolton game because he didn't fancy facing Hartle & Banks. (fwiw he admired Tom Finney ). For me, rivalry has mostly stemmed from off the field stuff......apart from thuggery, the likes of Aldridge at Tranmere or the overall bellendery of Wolves, but Blackpool have never really registered.

- Can't wait to get up peoples noses again, it's coming.

- Yeah my Dad loved Finney as he played with him in the same Lancashire Youth team as him. Finney was the winger and my Dad was one of the centre forwards. Matthews was an enigma for my Dad. He didn't like him, possibly for the reasons that you say, but I remember him saying that he would travel to non-BWFC games in the 50's just to watch him play he was that good. Same with Duncan Edwards. He had a massive hatred against the clubs but put it aside to watch the player. Different days to now!!!! 

- Supposedly sold 1500 with no POG, sales still on until Monday afternoon 

- They’ll sell 2k then, i don’t think thats too bad for a Div 1 fixture on a Monday night & the game on telly anarl

- Very good indeed fair play to them

- Better than the 300 or whatever it was they brought the other year.

 - There is no sense but that's exactly how I feel. More to the point it is exactly how they feel. This is a big game for a lot of people - but not everyone. I enjoy our win over these more than I do over Burnley and Preston and equal to Blackburn and Wigan. Both of my Grandads were the same about 1953 - circumstances conspired against us. Then in the 60s when we were in decline they had the indian sign over us for a bit. There was payback in the 70s to at least some degree but nonetheless. Bolton fans introduced to Burnden Park between 1953 and about 1990 do not like Blackpool. Bolton fans thereafter don't care so much.

- Blackpool simply don’t register with me as any sort of rival - file under Rochdale and Oldham as other local teams I couldn’t give a toss about 

- Same here nothing club

- They're nowhere near as unlikeable as Wigan but playing them more regularly and with the high chance we're going to cross paths repeatedly in the coming seasons might mean the rivalry is rekindled. Had some great days at the away fixtures there over last 5-6 years.

- No love lost between Bolton and B/Pool in the 70s and 80s.

-  For sure, heard some of the worst stories of the lot from our fixtures. Think the away game is on 3rd round day just after new year this time so there's a chance it'll be a Tuesday night job again.

- Judged on my time watching bolton give me a wigan or Oldham over Blackpool many times Blackpool have threatened this and that & done jack shit

- No love at all from the sixties onwards been banjoyed on the pleasure beach as a scrawny fifteen year old doesnt make me neutral towards them.Remember being stood next to a guy on the old spoin kop at Blackpool he got a full housebrick right in the middle of his chest .Jesus I thought he was a gonner but he managed to come round it was always like that .

- The Kop at B/Pool was never segregated when I went in the late 60s, fights breaking out all over the place, then they had a mesh put in after the stabbing in 74, still a volatile atmosphere for many years after.

- Remember anti-Bolton graffiti by the railway line coming out of Blackpool North when I was a kid in the 80's.

- Was it something like ‘Bolton die, Preston Wankers?’

- "Welcome back Bolton" , which was supposed to be all scary & threatening but wasn't.

- As for Blackpool - nothing special in my eyes.

- Fair play to Blackpool if they sell 2k for Monday. That's a great effort

-  Hate these donkey lashers , remember them giving it large after they stopped us getting into the playoff's celebrating Leicester's goal against Forest in the last minute when & draw would of seen us in the play off's. (Freedman's masterplan game ie Rob Hall).vWhat a shitehole of a place Blackpool is also, gypo's heaven that place now. 

- I know mate. Turd laden sea and fast food squelched pavements. One day they'll listen.

No way we'll take 2k
No, will be closer to 1k especially with no POTG either.
seasider wrote:No, will be closer to 1k especially with no POTG either.
No POTG????? That’s me fucked then.
Yeah it's shit. I haven't even got the option to print at home.
1,500 or so at best if no option the POTG. Ashame really as we have a great chance to see us hammer them.
NewburyOne wrote:1,500 or so at best if no option the POTG. Ashame really as we have a great chance to see us hammer them.
I worry those words could come back to haunt you...
This will be Bolton's first match with season ticket holders. Fans haven't been able to purchase them prior to the takeover. To say they aren't happy about this being on Monday night is an under-statement.

Wish we could have played them earlier.  Of all the teams we will play this season, I really don’t want to lose to them. 

I hope we take over 1k.  But telly game and POTG as others have mentioned will affect it.  Also on a Monday night in Horwich. 

Don’t want to be pessimistic, but I can see an ugly draw at best. 

We'll smash them, no problems.

Expecting a win by at least 2 clear goals. 

A few weeks ago they nearly went out of business. Now they are moaning about being on Sky. The life of football fan...

Some comments added.

Anyone know how many we’ve sold so far?  

Also, can’t believe we haven’t won there since ‘86?!

Well according to that Bolton comment, 1500. That would be very good so not sure how accurate that is.
Graves wrote:

Anyone know how many we’ve sold so far?  

Also, can’t believe we haven’t won there since ‘86?!

The prem season was our big fuck up. I can’t remeber playing them in the previous 20 years though.
Think we played in the Championship last game of the season or near the end. We were hoping they would get relegated seem to recall. 
seasider wrote:Think we played in the Championship last game of the season or near the end. We were hoping they would get relegated seem to recall. 
That was after the prem.
No probably some Sherpa Vans game or whatever it was called back then. 
What the fuck are you on about?
Over 1700 sold, which is pretty good really. Put another way, about 50 short of Fleetwood's away following for the entire season.
Hero wrote:What the fuck are you on about?

We played them in that competition at Burnden Park.


kophero wrote:Over 1700 sold, which is pretty good really. Put another way, about 50 short of Fleetwood's away following for the entire season.
Much better turnout than anticipated with no POTG, Monday night and Sky. 

A month ago they were banging on the door of oblivion, and now they’re acting like the most stable club in the country. 

Twat fans of the highest order! Shame it was Bury and not them. 

1700 is fucking excellent
If we have shifted 1700 and still have today and some of Monday to sell more, we may get close to 2000, which I think is a fantastic effort. Hopefully it will help the lads bring 3pts back.
tangerine77 wrote:1700 is fucking excellent

Yes, also pleased with the numbers. Hopefully travelling support will get a good game. 

1854 sold, with the last few of the initial allocation on sale until 4pm Monday. Hopefully we'll have 2000 there which is a magnificent effort. 👍
I predicted 1,400 so surpassed my expectation. Just hope we can put on a performance. Not had one of those for a while. Recent points have been scrappy wins which are fine but a nice comfortable away win would do us good. 
Reading them comments about the cup final I hope Sir Stan is watching down and clapping till his hands are sore when we smash 8 past them.

Must win this. Give them something else to be bitter about 😂