Big one down the road in cod land. Draw probably best outcome. 
I hope Ipswich rip em a new one.
Bloody Preston winning again. 

Preston were always going to win today, Barnsley are cannon fodder in that division.

In our league, quite a few are going OK for us.

Sunderland, Donny, Fleetwood and Coventry all losing.

Wycombe and Peterborough drawing.

Hopefully it stays like that.

Yeah Barnsley are the ultimate yo yo club. 

Ipswich look like they will run away with it. 

Great win for the Stoke manager. He lives to fight another day.

VAR saving Liverpool.

Not seen the Liverpool penalty decision yet. Odd how opinions differ. Sky report it as stonewall, whereas BBC say it is soft/dive by Mane.

We couldn't have asked for much better results today, up to Larry and the boys to make a statement on Monday night.

Looked to have seriously kicked off after the game. Leicester player had to be restrained. 

Agree, great opportunity to cement our play off position. 

I am getting worried about Preston though!