I have a funeral to attend this afternoon and another next Monday morning and outside it is cool and cloudy.

I will need to take a coat  today and  I looked into the wardrobe and tucked away at the back is a coat I bought in London having just arrived back from Aden in  December  1962, it is a sheepskin three quarter length coat that cost 50 guineas, that was roughly two weeks pay then.

That coat travelled the country when  I watched Blackpool play mostly in the sixties and seventies but I completely forgot I had it as I hadn't worn it for many years, so however out of place it may look I might just wear it for one more Blackpool match perhaps Lincoln in January and a visit to an old air base en route.

Don’t the Red Arrows base themselves near Lincoln?

Ps.  I bet you look like John Motson in that coat😮

Get a pic for us!

It does sound very John Motsonesque

bought it in Aden eh - you sure it's sheepskin? i'm guessing camel :)

No Tenty bought in London the day after returning from Aden.

Yes can take pic on phone but  I never sent picture instructions please.

Yes   Q they are but not where I was thinking of.

If you access BHS on your phone, hit the little picture (mountains) icon and one of the dropdown options is to 'upload', it should be able to find the pic in your folders. If you only use a pc or laptop the easiest way maybe to send it in an email to yourself then download to the computer and then do the icon steps.
Yes thank you will try that tomorrow.
That is porn
That’s a coat a flasher would wear!
Hero wrote:That’s a coat a flasher would wear!
You’d know