Something is not right with the team at the moment they were definitely missing the Fonz, Kai Kai and Thompson tonight.

But they just didn't look interested it really was as poor as I've seen them play so far this season.

I had high hopes but for whatever reason I'm a bit dumbfounded tonight!

I don't know how any team could play on that fluorescent green pitch 😀

Thanks Lee, only just got round to watching it. Not sure why there is a need to set of smoke bombs inside the concourse! Think everyone was just as bored at the game as we were at home watching on Sky. I so nearly went as well so luck was on my side in deciding not to go.
I don't really understand the smoke bomb thing either seasider especially as it is in your own concourse where everyone is trying to get drinks and refreshments at half time!
It's almost as if we have a section of our younger fans who have absolutely no sense whatsoever.