- Their 21 is a big lad but soft as shit, don't think he's won a header

- Blackpool in town balmoral smashed up 

- 14k on. Absolutely tremendous that 

- Each and everyone of the defence were great tonight, didn't give them a sniff.

- Hate fans of inferior little shitty clubs coming to our ground + taking the piss.

I feel about Blackpool the way I felt about Wigan. Small time gobshites enjoying their relative days in the sun.  Imagine 0-0 on a Monday being your day in the sun though! :)

- They've still not won at Bolton since 1986 and they'll never have a better chance. 

- Linesman on WSL line missed a couple of obvious handballs from Blackpool keeper in first half. One of them very obvious.

- Will enjoy telling the donkey lashers in work tomorrow how ordinary they are - that striker, christ he was bad.

- That shot their number 21 had in the second half was probably the worst bit of football I’ve ever seen in that stadium

- fourth in the league u should be lucky !!!! Twats 

- Some turn out from Blackpool :( The cunts

- Blackpool fans missed the point and lacked class last night with their "Going down - Going down - Going Down" jibes. Especially as they then started a stadium-wide chant of "Fuck the EFL!" First of all, they really ought to realise that they were in a similar position to us a year or so earlier. Secondly, they ought to have looked at our crowds while we were in the shit. Their style was to stop attending; ours was to support the team.

- Thought the same. They sang going down - as though we don't know - or care. We're coming back - no ifs, buts or maybes. 

- Always the same Blackpool fans always concentrate more on us than their own team, like last time we played they was chanting "staying down, staying down, staying down.." when couldn't beat them. Piss poor they was booing their own team also at the end of the match, they are 4th in league ffs!  

- Thought the left back for Blackpool was superb giving our winger little or nothing.

- There’s not a prayer there was 14k on last night imo.

- Spearing wasn't even close to Lowe's level last night, we don't miss him one little bit.

- Spearing did 2 good tackles early doors and then was blowing out of his arse after 10 minutes, bought all the memories of him flooding back.

- Spearing is a decent league one player nowt more nowt less

- Do me a favour - The Tangerine turds just came to sing songs and take the piss at our demise. I wonder how many will take the piss when Bolton turn out in Blackpool.

- Given our predicament we're likely to be encountering Blackpool again in the next few seasons. What goes around comes around. And Blackpool have seen the way that works before when it comes to Bolton Wanderers. That's why they're the way they are with us. 

- Saw two lots of lads square up to each other outside the hotel, right in front of coppers on horses. One lad, dunno which side, cracks one of the others. Copper on the horse shouts "what the fuck was that" and rides towards them. Then everyone moved on

-  I think Blackpool will be challenging for promotion this season, they are an organised side

“Couple of obvious handballs from Blackpool keeper”😮

Yeah didn't understand that one!
Don't recall Alnwick stepping outside the box for a handball call to be made.
There was one point in the first half were he gathered a ball on the edge of his box and threw it out to Husband, it did look as though it was close but hardly a game changing moment. As for chants of "going down", what did they expect, they are a local rival and not one we have any fondness for. Calling us small is laughable also, it seems some haven't adjusted to their fall from the Prem and can't remember when they were at this level, as they never got that many more than other Lancashire clubs. Oh well, hopefully they do drop and rot in League 1 for a few seasons to help shift that large chip they seem to have acquired.

They do think they are massive. The Lancashire Sheff Wed. To be fair they are probably the biggest club out of Blackpool, Preston, Burnley and Blackburn but not by much and some would even argue that.

Like we are not going to sing going down! Wet blankets.
Do you honestly think Bolton are bigger than Blackburn 😳
Hero wrote:Do you honestly think Bolton are bigger than Blackburn 😳

I reckon.  13,533 average in the Championship ain't great. Bolton would get more.

Much of a muchness between Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley and Preston, we may average a few less if the circumstances were exactly the same.

Blackburn have won more than all of them lot put together, have spent longer in the top flight and over the last 30 years have a far bigger fan base.

How aren’t they bigger???

Bolton are a club that has lived far beyond its means for the last twenty years. They seriously need to rain that in or they’ll be begging creditors again in five years. 

If they live within their means they’ll be a bang average league one side. 

Hero wrote:

Blackburn have won more than all of them lot put together, have spent longer in the top flight and over the last 30 years have a far bigger fan base.

How aren’t they bigger???

Bigger fanbase my arse
Bolton and Blackburn are probably on a par.
Bolton are famous for losing the 1953 FA Cup Final.
Bolton have a slightly higher average attendance over Blackburn in recent seasons. Bolton around 15k, Blackburn around 14k. Not much in it.