Hi Everyone

This is the most important video I have made so far it is the beginning of where I want to get to.

The work involved in bringing this video to you I cannot really explain. I put the idea to Merlin after they sponsored the family stand and they have been so keen and very helpful to allow me to create my vision with this.

My original idea back in the summer was for this video to help promote the junior seasiders club for Bloomfield Bear.

However, at the moment there is no junior seasiders club so I changed everything and came up with the ideas to make this film which is to promote the family Stand and bringing children (the future fans) back to watch the Mighty.

I appreciate it's not a football match but I need YOUR help to show the Tower and Merlin & Blackpool FC what I can do with the power of Blackpool Football Fans behind me.

I know there are people that always want to knock and criticize anything but, I'm not interested in them, I am interested in those of you that believe Blackpool is the greatest place to visit, who dream of full stadiums who want to see more dads, mums, grans, grandads, aunties and uncles bringing the children to watch games.

I need those kind of people, my kind of people who only have to watch this, like it, share it with family and friends especially if they have got children to help me do this.

I can do so much more if this video takes off and I need your help. 

Thank you to all of you who have come along with me so far I appreciate you all so much

Without further ado, this has taken 3 weekends, over 30 hours of editing I hope you will enjoy it...