Just let them disappear up their own backsides to where they came from, non entity.
Bit like us,  really 
sudds green wrote:Bit like us,  really 
No mate, they’re nowt like us.
With Grayson in the job que Monday morning. 
I dislike them intensely, H,   but don't think we're in a position to criticise any organisation's efforts, after watching ( most of)  that shite today 

Why was their game called off today?

Think there was a rail transport issue for Sutton
So the Fylde manager got blamed for that and got sacked 😉
seasider wrote:So the Fylde manager got blamed for that and got sacked 😉
Yes. They’ve gone off the rails😯
Fylde after Evatt at Barrow. Barrow turn down approach. 

Quite shocked by this. Jim Bentley resigns as Morecambe manager to take over at Fylde.


Tells you more about Morecambe than it does Fylde.
He will be on more money at Fylde, that's for sure.
Playing his former club next season
He’d been getting a lot of stick this season from Morecambe fans and what with the financial troubles there too it was a no brainer for him really.