Won’t sack 12,000 employees surly?

I don’t know the details but if that many won’t sign as shitty contract deal then it must be shit?

Many people will be forced into shitty American style contracts after Brexit. Less pay,no sick pay,less holidays and all the directives from the EU like the amount of hours you can work in a week etc will forgotten about all to the benefit of the shareholders of course. Fuck the down trodden workers. Mark my words.
Yet people still vote Tory
Yes they will and just take on more that will sign these shitty contracts. Most have done  their 3 months consultation and the clock is ticking 

These "shitty American style contracts" have been going on for years. The organisation I used to work for introduced them in 1998 for new employees and they have been on the increase ever since. A lot of those benefits that Qblock mentions were not just given by a benevolent government, they were fought for pre- and post-war. Problem is only a few will fight to retain those rights the rest are happy to go along with things and criticize those that are prepared to do what is necessary.