- Blackpool are without their main man at the back Curtis Tilt (I think) following his red card at the weekend but they'll still be hard to beat, having lost just three of 15 league games thus far.

- I'd say only Ipswich, Sunderland and ourselves get put in at sub 7-4 away at Blackpool currently. The market is finally starting to realise how good we are.

- I am going, I expect POSH to win if we play for longer than 45 minutes like we really can.

- Watched Blackpool play Lincoln - they are big and ugly and the sort of side we don't do well against - I think a 1-1 with Boyd opening his account for the season...399 Poshies

- I'll only predict that this will be a bloody horrible match.

- Tough game for sure but whilst a big physical side like Blackpool wouldn't be our choice of opponent... I'd be more concerned about playing a side which boasts a 30 goal strike force after 15 games.

- well I did some research by watching highlights of their last home game online (Tuesday 22nd October) and the pitch actually looks decent at the minute unlike in recent years when we have gone there and its been poor, so hopefully there will be some decent standard football on it by posh.

I can't see Tilt's absence being such a miss until he gets his head sorted out and either stays or goes. Edwards will come in and rise to the challenge. If we put a shift in, hit them hard I don't think Posh will fancy it, 1-0 to the Mighty.
Tilt has been in very poor form, although I suspect his additional pace, over that of Edward's will be missed against Peterborough tomorrow. They are definitely one of the better footballing sides and given our recent form find it very difficult to see how we can get 3 points. Hopefully it will be a repeat of 2003 and we get the perfect double!!
So this didn't age well, I didn't see 3 points or a 7 goal thriller. Hopefully some much needed confidence for the players and a wake-up call for Grayson to start playing with a bit more attacking intent.