Looks like a permanent one. 

BBC News - Fracking halted after government pulls support


No coincidence that there's an election on the way. Tory cunts
Good .I live in the States and fracking has wreaked havoc on ALL communities where fracking is being done.Its a filthy way of extracting too .The leakage alone is horrendous and adds massive amounts of gases to the already stressed atmosphere.Renewables have to be the way forward no iffs and or buts Fuck the energy companies and their profit motivated hell that they bring upon all of us..

Trump is currently trying to push mining deregulation so they can wreck The Grand Canyon National Park and the best Sockeye Salmon waters in Alaska, both will be a massive blow to native american tribes.

Lying, mercenary, money grabbing arseholes the lot of them.

Lying, mercenary, money grabbing arsehole is far too polite to describe trump - can't you do any better?

I can. He's a CUNT
They haven't banned it. Just halted it until after the GE. If they win it will be back on. If Labour win, it will be banned for ever